Elizabeth G. Kuhn

Technological Legacy, 1992

Triple-weave pick-up with supplementary weft

39" x 31.5


In Technological Legacy the electronic aspect of our present Western society has been chosen to represent today's culture.  The circuit board, with its computer chips, is portrayed as the background upon which the artifacts of our contemporary society are built.

A third layer was added for the artifacts because two layers of warp were needed just for the background of this piece. The use of supplementary weft created ghost-images of computer chips showing through the appliances, machines, and gadgets, signifying the fact that electronic circuitry makes possible our fast transportation, easily-prepared meals, constantly-available entertainment, long-distance communication, and instant retrieval of information. Dominating all is the ubiquitous computer. The cars running around the border and the telephones dancing between everything, both symbols of our contemporary life style, set a mood of both whimsy and frantic energy which typify present-day society.

Exhibitions of Technological Legacy
  • Senior Show, School of Art Main Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1992
  • Anticipation '92, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois, 1992
  • 5th National Fiber Arts Competition, Creative Arts Guild Galleries, Dalton, Georgia,  1992 (Honorable Mention)
  • Combined Talents: The Florida National 1993, Fine Arts Gallery and Museum, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 1993
  • Fiberart International '93, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1993 (Second Prize)
  • Fiber Celebrated '93, Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1993
  • Tenth annual Greater Midwest International, Art Center Gallery, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Missouri, 1994
  • Currents '94, Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 1994
  • Crafts Regional 1995, Museum and Art Galleries, John A. Logan, College, Carterville, Illinois, 1995
  • Dean's Conference Room, College of Fine and Professional Arts, Kent State University, 1996
  • Office of the Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Kent State University, 1997-2003
  • The Woven Comment, Thomas More College, Crestview Hills, Kentucky, 2002
  • Owned by Terry Kuhn, Kent, Ohio