Elizabeth G. Kuhn

Homo sardinus, 2007

Triple-weave pick-up, embroidery

35" x 36.5"


Humans are  reproducing themselves at a rate that is overcrowding many areas of the world.  The subject of this weaving pictures people packed like sardines into a city-like environment devoid of anything natural.  The skull in the blackened earth is the portending future of this mindless abuse of the planet.  Overpopulation begins when an area's people are sustained by depleting nonrenewable resources and by degrading the natural environment.  Soils, forests, water, and air are all being depleted and degraded.  Rich nations are overpopulated because they overuse and abuse their own resources and acquire their wants from around the world.  Humankind is spending resource capital with no thought for the future.    

Exhibitions of Homo sardinus
  • Textile Arts Expressions 2007, Heights Arts at the Gallery, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2007