Elizabeth G. Kuhn

Crowded In 3, 2003

Patterned triple-weave pick-up with discontinuous weft, MacComber floor loom

44" x 34"


Using a diagonal organization of figures on the cloth, I have taken the forms of Crowded in 1 and woven it in a triple-weave pickup on my MacComber floor loom.  The people shown in straight diagonal lines depict very real social imperatives to which individuals must conform.   Three layers of warp consist of a black layer, a medium gray layer, and a light gray layer.  Color is varied in the two gray layers by using the discontinuous weft technique as would be done in a tapestry weave.   I used a twill weave (see detail photo to the right above) in order to accent the diagonalness of the human figures.

Exhibitions of Crowded In 3
  • Layers of Meaning: The Evolution of Pick-Up Double Weave, Flaten Gallery, St Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 2003-2004
  • The Edges of Grace, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts, 2006
    Life Insight: The Human Experience, Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville, Kentucky, 2006