Elizabeth G. Kuhn

Crowded In 1, 2002

Patterned weave, woven on TC-1 Jacquard loom with diagonal figures

53.5" x 40"

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Woven on a TC-1 loom that has computer-operated harnesses, Crowded in 1 is a visual representation of my concerns about burgeoning population.  Set on the diagonal, people are seen converging on each other in crowded rows.  The loom was strung with black warps.  The design is controlled by means of the weave structure.  Using a single dark warp and a light weft,  the different colors are obtained by varying the percentage of warp that is seen on the surface.  It is my observation that ever-growing numbers of people being crammed together result in  regimented conformity.  

Exhibitions of Crowded In 1
  • FOCUS FIBER 2002, Beck Center for the Arts, Lakewood Ohio, 2002